November 10, 2012     8 PM     Woolsey Hall

Toshiyuki Shimada, Music Director

With Victor Wang, Flute

Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite No. 1
Carl Nielsen: Flute Concerto
Jean Sibelius: Symphony No. 2

For tickets, call (203) 562-5666 or visit the
Shubert Theater Box Office, 247 College Street

$10 Orchestra and Second Balcony
$15 First Balcony / $2, $5 Students






2012, 10, 25


2012, 10, 11

Assembling the site scaffolding. Time lapse video representing a 45-minute process in 2 minutes (24x speed). View larger

2012, 10, 09

Composition using sounds recorded during the process of photographing the residency site before construction of the scaffolding.

The structure of the composition follows a rough arc, but not a symmetrical one. The piece builds gradually, peaking slightly after the midway point as successive layers of sound are added, then dropping off to create a sloping cliff on the far side of the arc.


2012, 10, 08

Preliminary sketches of site scaffolding

Open vs. closed pipes (flutes vs. clarinets)

2012, 09, 26.2

Incomplete recording (missing first two beeps) of a rhythmic tone heard on a New Jersey Transit bus between Secaucus and New York City, followed by roughly two minutes of random bus noises.
(recorded August 16, 2012)

2012, 09, 26.1

Continuous signal, discrete values; analog, digital

Spectrum, color index; visual signal, pixel


2012, 09, 24

Diagramming principles of music (left to right, top to bottom):
Vertical and horizontal interplay, fractal structure, counterpoint, polyrhythm

The design residency will center around the space shown here, including the construction and manipulation of a physical scaffolding. The scaffolding will act as a three-dimensional diagram and serve as a point of contact for various sonic, visual, and conceptual explorations.